In ancient times the Greeks called this island Didyme (twin) due to the two volcanic peaks that landmark the island, Fossa delle Felci and Monti Porri from which rise the ‘roof of Salina’ and the volcano Etna.
The present name of the island derives from the salt water lake which extends itself near the coast facing Lipari.
Salt works are exclusively present in Salina, indispensable for the conservation of fish and capers, symbol of the Aeolian islands. The island is also famous for the cultivation of ‘malvasia’ grapes and the production at Malfa di Salina of malmsey wine, ‘Nectar of the Gods’ or better known as ‘Malvasia of Lipari’.
The luxuriant nature communicates a serene and beautiful atmosphere that fascinated Massimo Troisi who directed the famous film ‘The Postman’ in the town of Pollara.
The three main town centres are: Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni.