The Aeolian Islands are in the province of Milazzo and can be reached from various places.
From Milazzo: this is the closest port on the Sicilian coast; ferries (Siremar and NGI) and hydroplanes (Siremar and USTICA lines) run throughout the day. These generally run more trips during the summer than the winter, generally there is no need for booking if not during high season (August) or during long weekends and special occasions.
From Reggio Calabria and Messina: hydroplanes (USTICA lines) run all years; several times throughout the day during the summer and once a day during the winter.
From Naples: ferry (Siremar) trips run all year, two trips per week during winter and up to six trips in the summer; or by hydroplane (USTICA lines and Snav) during the summer season (from 1st June to 30th September) running twice daily.
From Palermo and Cefalù: hydroplane (USTICA lines) runs three times a week during the winter and twice a day in the summer season (usually 15th June to 30th September).
Reggio Calabria: 20km from the centre of Reggio Calabria, this is the nearest airport to the Aeolian islands. Timed with the flights, is a bus for Messina; from Messina a hydroplane (USTICA lines) will take you to the islands. As an alternative, take a taxi to Messina and the hydroplane to the islands. A further alternative is to rent a car and drive along Milazzo-Reggio Calabria.
Catania: 150km from Milazzo. Once a day, from April through to October there is a direct bus to Milazzo and Messina where you can board for the islands. During the winter, take a bus to Messina then a taxi or bus to Milazzo where you can board a hydroplane to the islands. Another option is to book a specially priced taxi from the airport of Catania to Milazzo.
Palermo: the airport of Palermo is 220km from Milazzo. During high season from Palermo you can take a taxi for Milazzo and then from Milazzo take the hydroplane to the Aeolian islands. Otherwise, you can rent a car and proceed to Milazzo.
Lamezia Terme: about 160 km from Reggio Calabria, then cross the straight and another 30 km for Milazzo. There are no buses for Reggio Calabria, one must rent a car.
This is a new connection service between the airports and the islands. Main flights on Mondays and Fridays from the airport of Reggio Calabria, flight schedules and prices on respective company websites.