Ventotene is an island off the coast of Campania, Italy. It is the remains of an ancient volcano and in Roman times was known as Pandataria and Pandateria. Ventotene is also a commune belonging to the province of Latina in Latium.
The smallest and perhaps most picturesque of the Pontine islands, Ventotene lies halfway along the route going between Ponza and Ischia. This island is ripe with nature, sea, history and legends. This is where Ulysses faced the siren’s songs during his voyages, and it is also the very place where in the imperial age the Romans built many residential villas and buildings for political exhile.
The island is drawn out, with a 3 kilometres length and a maximum width of about 800 metres. Santo Stefano is located 2 kilometres to the east, and the island of Ponza is 40 kilometres to the west.
The commune with the same name has 633 permanent residents. It includes the island of St. Stefano, which is the site of a massive prison, now closed.