Ponza, the largest of the Italian Pontine Islands archipelago is found 33 km south of Cape Circeo in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
It is a crescent shaped island with one large beach called Spiaggia di Chiaia di Luna (Half Moon Beach) and a few small beaches and has a mostly rocky coast made of kaolin and tufa rock. These have created many odd natural rock formations, looking like a monk, a giant pair of trousers), a patch of flowers and another one like mushrooms. It also has giant stacks made of solid rock, also known as Faragliones.
Ponza is namely known for its Blue Grottos, created by the Etruscans. There are Egyptian, Canaanite, Greek, and Phoenician Necropoli ruins at the middle of the island. The main small villages are: Comune di Ponza, Santa Maria and Le Forna. Ponza has no active volcanism.