Our objectives for the near future are ambitious: we have the will to become the reference website regarding all of Italy’s smaller islands, for Italy and successively internationally, to offer innovative technological services to businesses and whoever is interested in choosing our territories.


… For the businesses: how to join 
With a small annual contribution business in the smaller islands will enter the world of Isole Italia, registering the structure and therefore participating at the first project involving all the islands assuring national visibility. We offer the businesses a back office area from which it is possible to manage independently the information, logo, photos, services offered and requests thanks to our software. 
We are however always available by e-mail and from Monday to Friday by phone for any need of assistance.

To register on isoleitalia.it simply fill in the registration form accessibile through the “SIGN UP” button. You will receive a registration confirmation e-mail with your codes to access the back office. Sign in and manage the information of your business and make the payment within 10 days from the activation. You will receive your receipt by email. 

… For the users: Isole Italia grows with you 
We have developed a portal that describes these islands and have selected businesses in the islands but it will be you, the real experts of the places to provide us with suggestions on which places are the most interesting to visit, the trendiest venues or perhaps the cheapest! 
What else to say… we invite you to take a tour around “Your” website and organize a “do it yourself” holiday! 

… For the Associations: how to adhere 
All the local companies and associations will be able to stipulate agreements with Isole Italia to facilitate the success of this common project. The objective is to draw as near as possibile to these places, working with the real situations and collaborating for mutual visibility. All the associates will benefit a discount for their whole list. 

For further queries or comments don’t hesitate to contact us!