Isole Italia is an initiave by Xonex, a company based in Rome offering expertise in technology and marketing, making the most of the opportunities available to businesses brought by new technologies and the promotion of new sales networks, thus broadening commercial outlets whether it be organizational, private or public businesses.
The Isole Italia project is the first national project for tourism promotion in Italy’s smaller islands. It has the will to create a synergy between commercial and tourist businesses nonetheless between Institutional organizations to increase Italian and foreign tourism in these islands.

Making the most of the web, an incredible and powerful communication tool, we have developed a portal that allows hospitality businesses operating in tourism and commercial sectors to gain visibility on an international front. Isole Italia describes in detail all our enviable natural paradises with photos, descriptions, how to get there, events and other information. In the initial phase the user will be able to access a unique and complete reference when choosing a holiday destination and subsequently contact the businesses of the place without any intermediation costs. Our goal is to increase the visibility of the local businesses creating a connection with users all over the world.

Isole Italia’s yesterday, today and tomorrow
The "Isole Italia" project is a landing place of a series of initiatives, developed by us, which involved only the Aeolian Islands (, Being islanders ourselves, we are proud that our first projects have reached the success of 2.000.000 pages visited. A year from the internet publication of this project, we have participated at the BIT 2006, at the Congress of Palmaria October 2006, the Globe 2007 and obtained the sponsorship from ANCIM ( National association of Italy’s smaller islands), the municipalità of Potro Venere and from the municipalità of Leni in Salina. Furthermore, we have currently stipulated agreements with many local associations.